What great service from Molly and Jason at the Blairsville location. During my annual hearing test I was advised my hearing loss remained unchanged. What incredible integrity as they could have told me my hearing loss had increased and that I should consider new hearing aids. You can truly trust the team at Hearing Solutions of North Georgia.
Bob Hanson
11:03 22 Sep 22
Margaret Elwood
11:03 01 Sep 22
Excellent customer service! Even though I didn’t buy from them. BUT, I will from now on. You guys ROCK!
Bill Bryant
11:03 01 Sep 22
I've been using hearing aids for over ten years this is easily the best service I've ever had. Molly and Julie, with great initiative and professionalism, turned a frustrating situation into a happy one. I enthusiastically recommend Hearing Solutions of North Georgia. Thank you for helping me hear again.
Ron Sharpe
15:57 23 Jul 22
Molly did an excellent job of fitting hearing aids to my hearing loss. They have exceeded my expectations. And that was after a competitor checked my hearing and let me try theirs for a few days, then told me that if they could not help me with their best aids there was nothing that could be done for me.
Clyde Woolsey
01:31 08 Jun 22
I had not had my hearing checked in over 20 years so after being accused by my wife of ignoring her yet again, I looked for someone to give me an exam. I considered my last test to be worthless because it was not random – I could predict when tones would sound. I made an appointment with Molly at Hearing Solutions in Blairsville and hoped that the test would prove that I have not been ignoring my wife. The test was extraordinary! I sat in a soundproof booth and went through a series of sound and noise tests that measured not only my hearing levels but also my brain’s ability to understand what it was hearing. That’s right – I learned that the brain plays a very important role in a person's ability to understand conversation and filter noise out. The results were graphed so it was hard to argue that my hearing had indeed deteriorated in 64 years. Molly explained everything very thoroughly and patiently. I was fitted with some Oticon hearing aids that are very impressive. They interact with an app on my iPhone using Bluetooth, can execute IFTTT routines, are very comfortable, are not unattractive but one of the things that I like the best is that they are rechargeable. If you are having hearing challenges, go see Molly because she really knows her stuff and will work with you to improve your quality of life by improving your hearing.
Mark Lawler
15:53 01 Apr 22
I have utilized 5 different hearing aid providers over the past couple of decades. The professionals at Hearing Solutions are the BEST! They are knowledgeable, up to speed on the latest technologies, and always there to keep things running optimally.
B Horn
12:08 18 Mar 22
I highly recommend Hearing Solutions. Their service, follow-up and treatment has been top-notch. Julie makes herself available to answer questions at any time. They have gone out of their way to be helpful. My hearing aides are terrific. I can't praise them enough!
Randy M
11:50 18 Feb 22
Hearing Solutions of N. Ga. is the best. They go out of their way to help us and perform miracles! We really appreciate the whole team there.
Linda Joyce
18:58 11 Feb 22
I needed off-hours emergency assistance and Julie promptly made arrangements to meet me and repair my hearing aid to perfection. Such remarkable sacrifice and customer commitment is so hard to find these days!! Thanks so much Julie for being so awesome.
Bob Hanson
13:44 01 Oct 21
Julie at Hearing Solutions takes time to acquaint you with new hearing aids. I appreciate so much her kind and caring way she went over the latest technology, and the time she spent setting up my IPhone with my hearing aids. The sound is great!
Dorothy Lee
20:15 10 Aug 21
I have had a hearing loss all of my life (I am retired) After purchasing hearing aids from another Blairsville hearing provider, I gave up all hope of improving my ability to hear. Then I found Julie and Molly! All I can say is SUPER WOW! I am FINALLY able to hear! Don't be fooled by competing firms that offer a cheaper product/price. Here is how they make their money: they charge you for every item required to use your hearing aids. Unlike other local firms, Hearing Solutions of North Georgia uses cutting edge technology to correctly prescribe the best hearing solution for you. I highly recommend Hearing Solutions of North GA!!!
21:51 20 Jul 21
I went there for a second opinion and saw Molly. They were very nice and Molly was very thorough and informative. Due to her findings she recommended me to an ENT Doctor. I will definitely be back to see her for future needs.
Gerald Slay
19:22 13 Jul 21
Great place good people they know how to take care of u
Wanda Wright
01:40 30 Jun 21
Very professional friendly staff who was very patient and answered any and all questions that I had. The hearing test itself was very professional and one of the best that I have had. I would highly recommend!
Ivan Walker
16:06 21 Apr 21