Service was great! Fast. Friendly. Helpful. I had to do a retitled and live scan on my lunch hour and I was in and out with plenty of time to relax and enjoy my lunch.
Robin Milot
21:00 23 Jan 23
I come here often to return Amazon items, which is very convenient! They are always helpful and efficient. Usually a very short wait.
Kristen Wiggins
14:40 25 Sep 22
Lisa Miller
18:21 21 Aug 22
My husband and I mail packages all the time from this store and we have never had an issue. We’ve always received 5 star service. About 2 months ago my husband mailed a package and paid to have it delivered before 12pm next day deliver. But the package never got to the receiver at the time we paid to have it arrived. So we went back to the store and they granted us a refund rather then just put it in the method of payment UPS corporate has to mail you a check. They told us the check will be here in about 10 days and the check never arrived . After nearly a month of waiting for the check we called the store again and we discovered that they mailed the check to the incorrect address after we told them our address and wrote it down for them. They said they will send another check and it’s been a few weeks and I still haven’t received my refund. I called UPS corporate to ask for my refund and no one could help me they said they couldn’t even find the reissued check. Finally I call the store back and Tracey who’s been extremely helpful to us this entire time called corporate and told us that they have reissued our check. They won’t even over night my check after making me wait nearly 2 months for a refund. My check is being sent to the store via USPS. I can’t understand why a postal service like UPS is going to send my check without any tracking info via USPS. Hopefully I get my check soon. I’m just so disappointed in this entire experience.
Haydee Morales
00:09 29 Jul 22
On July 15 I decided to step out of the dark and order my hearing aids from an Internet dealer. After contacting Philip at fix my ears he assured me that there’s nothing to worry about. I had been with my current audiologist for six years, but now that I was looking to upgrade my old hearing aids, she suggested my phonak p90 for $6200. I loved my Audiologist, but hat was a bit out of my budget. Philip ordered the same hearing aids for me for a bargain price of $2950. After supplying my audiogram to Philip ,I had my hearing aids one week later, all programmed and ready to go. I couldn’t be happier! Thanks again Philip, great service!
Wolf Lange
19:14 19 Jul 22
I was skeptical - How can these be the real thing at such a lower price? How do they get adjusted to be correct? I’’M NOT SKEPTICAL ANY MORE! Phillip is wonderful & worked with us to get the sound correct for my husband’s difficult hearing loss needs. GREAT COMPANY!!
Dede Boyd
03:30 28 Apr 22
I have dropped off packages to this UPS store twice and twice they have changed my dimensions and weight. Both times they have changed the weight and dimensions after prepaid billing. I received a new bill via email with a new charge to my credit card twice already. We have an accurate scale, we ship with USPS all of the time. Don't let them audit the package after you leave because it is very hard to prove anything after it has been shipped and they know this, have them audit the package when you are there! This way you won't get a surprise bill that you have to dispute. In response to your response, it still gets changed.
23:30 18 Apr 22
Going back to 2005 with my efforts to find a reasonable priced hearing aid company, I took a chance on this super guy and have had no regrets whatsoever. Phillip has been providing me with hearing aids and accessories all at a huge significant savings. Minor issues with my last pair were quickly resolved with excellent service and speedy return. Walter Shelton.
Walter Shelton
18:04 02 Jul 21
I recommend this company highly. Purchasing my husband's hearing aids was so easy AND we saved $4,000 dollars! We have experienced some minor issues, but Phil is always accessible to resolve whatever comes up. We will never purchase hearing aids from anyone else!
Debra Bergerson
18:30 12 May 21