Im very pleased with my recent experiences with both Mandi and Larry. Mandi conducted my initial hearing test and Larry has assisted me with my adjustment to hearing aids. I had been dreading the reality of needing hearing aids for sometime, but Audiology Services has made it an easy and pleasant transition. I am so glad that I found this wonderful team to address my hearing needs!
Sherry M. of Denver, CO
11:26 16 Mar 23
The care that Dr. Smyth provided was pretty great. She was very kind and knowledgeable. Explained everything I didn’t understand. She was hilarious too. Thank you for helping me get those crystals back in place.
Sabi Ay
16:06 03 Mar 23
It's such a pleasure when you find people who put all their heart and soul into their work and thoroughly love what they do. This is exactly what you will find in Mandi & Larry. Always a pleasure to see, always the extra mile, and very informative newsletters!
Eugenie Schlittgen
22:47 07 Feb 23
Last week, I had a series of vestibular tests conducted at Colorado Ear Care. I was greeted with care at the first interaction with Kristi, the receptionist and superior professional care with Dr. Brianna Smyth, the Audiologist. I was treated with respect and compassion as went through the process. Dr. Smyth walked me through each test, communicating with me every step of the way. I would recommend Colorado Ear Care to anyone who needs Vestibular testing and I highly recommend Dr. Smyth.
Samia Nash
16:52 06 Feb 23
Mandi was very knowledgeable and was great at educating about what my hearing loss was and what had not been lost. She and Larry have been available to help with questions and fixes
LeAnn H. of Arvada, CO
11:35 04 Feb 23
Mandi is so personable as well as being professional and skilled in her services. I was a bit nervous about getting my first hearing aids, but she put me at ease. I highly recommend the services offered by Audiology Services and Hearing Aid Center. Don't wait--schedule a time to check them out.
George Naas
20:19 29 Jan 23
Excellent service! All questions answered professionally and effectively. Absolutely love these people. Highest recommendation!
Chet C. of Evergreen, CO
11:35 31 Dec 22
My wife and I have gotten hearing aids from Cory at Colorado Ear Care. The service has been outstanding, responsive, and thorough. They have worked very hard to get there best hearing experience from our hearing aids.
George J George
22:02 11 Nov 22
Mandi and Larry do an amazing job of creating a personalized experience with the highest quality of service!
Robert L. of Golden, CO
11:35 01 Nov 22
Both Mandi and Larry are exceptional! They both are very knowledgeable, helpful, answer all my hearing questions and friendly! I always leave satisfied.
Teresa H. of Bailey, CO
11:35 19 Oct 22
I was born hard of hearing, so I have been to many audiologists in my life. Mandi and Larry Solat are the best of the best!! The customer service, the relationship building and their audiology knowledge it's outstanding. Customer service is beyond a 5 star review. I highly recommend their services for anyone in need of hearing aids, an audiology test or tinnitus evaluation. I promise you will not be disappointed. They truly care about hearing health for all and they will go above and beyond to make "hearing life" better better for you.
Peggy Spinner
20:53 03 Oct 22
I have been a patient for 10+ years and find Mandi and Larry to be top notch professionals in the hearing field. They are caring and work with you, the patient, to find the right hearing aid that meets your specific hearing loss needs. The provide exceptional service and I highly recommend them.
Linda L. of Denver, CO
11:29 18 Sep 22
I have been a patient with Mandi and Larry for 15+ years. They do not sell just one hearing aid brand exclusively and will work with you to find the exact hearing aid model to address your particular hearing loss. Since Mandi, herself. has hearing loss, she understands the frustrations that accompany hearing loss problems and patiently works with you until you are satisfied that you have chosen a good hearing aid. I highly recommend their services.
Don L. of Denver, CO
11:35 18 Sep 22
The drive up option as usual was a delight. Food & communications was a positive experience.
DEANNA H. of Golden, CO
11:29 17 Sep 22
Very satisfied
Patricia W. of Denver, CO
11:29 16 Sep 22
Mandi and Larry are exceptional. They are a great culmination of audiologist expertise and knowing the equipment. They are diligent and thoughtful. I highly recommend them
Sam S. of Indian Hills, CO
11:29 12 Sep 22
I have been patients with Mandi and Larry for many years. After working with many other audiologists I was pleasantly surprised at how caring and knowledgeable they both are! I've had several hearing aids over the years from Larry. He has always directed me to just the right set. He is very fair and offers so many routes of hearing aid. I'm so thankful to have them on my loss of hearing journey! They have better service than anyone else I've seen. I moved about a year ago and will continue to drive the extra distance for his services!!
brigitte lakey
16:46 01 Sep 22
Great customer service. Always willing to help in any way possible. Very patient and always ensure that I leave happy and hearing.
willard j. of Denver, CO
11:26 26 Aug 22
Our family has been with this office for 15-20 years. We have received excellent care and service on multiple hearing aid purchases. Because Mandi, herself, has a hearing loss she is able to understand our situations and provide the best hearing aid for our circumstances. We highly recommend this practice.
don lesovsky
15:31 24 Aug 22
I searched for quite awhile before checking out Mandi. She is warm, caring, understanding and always available and accommodating. I could not be more pleased with the service and care I receive
Such great service & nice people! Id give more than 5 stars if I could!
Tyler H. of Westminster, CO
11:26 05 Aug 22
Dr. Mandi and Larry Are extremely passionate about helping their patients. Beautiful office, would go again!
Brendan H. of Aurora, CO
11:26 03 Aug 22
This office is beautiful and Dr. Mandi Solat is wonderful to work with. She is truly one of the most caring audiologist I have ever been too. I am young and have a hearing loss in my right ear and was hesitant to go get help. But I dont regret it at all. Highly recommend!
Briana D. of Aurora, CO
11:26 03 Aug 22
Jacqueline Solat
23:35 02 Mar 19
I had a very positive experience with Colorado Ear Care. Dr. Briana Milke was excellent! She was a great listener, and very caring and thorough. She did several tests for me about balance, hearing and vision, and the neurological connections between these three. I would highly recommend her, and her team. Thanks, Dr. Milke!
Lisa J
14:59 11 Apr 22
Carl Fessenden
23:35 02 Mar 19
Dr. Brianna Milke and the CO Ear Care Center gave me exemplary care. On arrival, I was greeted by Dr. Milke, and there was no wait. She spent an hour and a half testing and monitoring my vertigo response. Every test she administered, she prefaced with a brief explanation so I knew exactly what was happening. It was a very reassuring and positive experience. I will definitely return to the Colorado Ear Care Center!
Nancy Martinez
17:20 13 Sep 21
Awesome business, they worked with me to get me the right hearing aid, very knowledgeable no pressure, great after purchase support. I recommend them to everyone.
Joseph Francis
00:55 01 May 21
I'm responding to the reviewer who stated that Larry and Mandi tried to sell them something expensive that wasn't needed and said that the "new place" they went spent 4 hours doing "comprehensive" testing. I am an audiologist in another state and happened to come across this review. It makes no sense to me. There are very few types of tests that could ever take a competent provider 4 hours to administer and even then, that would only be because the patient is mentally-challenged in some way. It also puzzles me as to why you would come here to write a disparaging review that doesn't even ring true, unless you were being encouraged by a competitor to do so. The only types of non-bogus tests that an audiologist would ever perform that could possibly take 4 hours have nothing to do with hearing aids.
Laurie Bornstein, MS, CCC/A
03:43 31 Mar 21
It is difficult to put into words just how professional and caring the staff is at Audiology Services and Hearing Aids. I have purchased hearing aids in the past from other audiologists, who provided average service. I have never seen the focus on patients needs anywhere else like it is offered at ASHA! Last time I was there I needed a part for one of my hearing aids. Larry was standing outside assisting patients AND handing out free ice cream. He made the repair and returned the hearing aid to my while I waited in my car. Unless you try Audiology Services and Hearing AIDS, you really arent going to believe it.
Mandi and Larry are both very helpful and treated me amazing. Very affordable and made my experience enjoyable.
Jeremy Solat
23:35 02 Mar 19
Wonderful experience at Audiology Services! Dr. Mandi was fun to work with and quick to pick up that I was getting pretty good at lip reading - I was so busted - LOL! It's exhausting to live with hearing loss - being always on edge and reading lips is hard work especially when people turn away while talking. So much is missed in a conversation. With these hearing aids I feel 'engaged' with life again. Larry is very knowledgeable and great to work with! Patience must be his middle name :-). I love the hearing aids! I don't ever want to go back to the life without my hearing aids. Fantastic product! I would have NEVER even come close to knowing how good these hearing aids are. If you're looking for someone to help you, or give you a test to see 'where you're at' with your hearing, or looking for hearing aids - please visit with Dr. Mandi and Larry. They are great, fun people with a lot of experience - personally and professionally! Thank you Dr. Mandi and Larry - from me and my family!
Sue Irons
17:53 13 Jan 20
A wonderful experience! My husband and I had hearing tests done by Dr. Mandi Solat. She was knowledgeable and thorough with both our exams. She answered all of our questions and concerns. My husband needed hearing aids and she walked him thru every step of the way. We would highly recommend this practice to everyone!!! AND KUDOS for the time provided since we had so many questions!!!! THANK YOU!!!
Stacey Shiffman
23:35 02 Mar 19
Harriet Greene
23:35 02 Mar 19
I have had trouble with my hearing for years, especially in group settings and noisy restaurants, but adhering to the old adage that "hearing aids just amplify the noise and don't help hearing." I never followed up...until now...and I'm very glad I did follow up. Mandi performed a hearing evaluation, informing me that my loss of speech recognition was borderline. I could continue on as I had, and return when the problem "got worse" in a couple of years. She also offered to let me use a pair of hearing aids as a trial. What a difference! I went from her office to a noisy restaurant where I not only could understand my partner's conversation, but the three surrounding tables' conversations as well, and was able to sort and block out the undesired conversations. I wore the demo devices to work and immediately noticed that I was no longer guessing at what was being said in our group meeting, but that I was now actually part of the discussion. I found that listening required much less effort, and listening was much less tiring. The real confirmation came during a dinner with a friend at a restaurant. There was also a Christmas party at the restaurant. I had forgotten my hearing aids and could not follow the all. I finally decided to drive home (not far) to get my hearing aids, and brought my partner's hearing aids back also. With the hearing aids, we could both catch most of the conversation, although there was still a very noisy background, but the improvement was clearly noticeable. Also, since my partner and I chose the same model hearing aids, we were able to purchase a box that uses bluetooth to connect our hearing aids to the TV with excellent quality sound. This corrected what had increasingly become an issue for us. We were now able to follow conversations on our favorite TV programs, and to mute the living room speakers as not to disturb one another when only one of us was watching TV. We purchased the best quality hearing aids we could afford, and have no regrets for doing so. Mandi was extremely knowledgeable and professional throughout this process. We have been extremely pleased with the quality of service and care we have received. I would have no qualms about recommending her services to any of my friends and family.
Dennis Mueller
23:35 02 Mar 19
A wonderful experience! My husband and I had hearing tests done by Dr. Mandi Solat. She was knowledgeable and thorough with both our exams. She answered all of our questions and concerns. My husband needed hearing aids and she walked him thru every step of the way. We would highly recommend this practice to everyone!!! AND KUDOS for the time provided since we had so many questions!!!! THANK YOU!!!
Both Larry and Mandi are excellent in what they do. No question is treated as trivial. I feel like they really care about me.
Cari G. of Golden, CO
11:26 19 Nov 15
Excellent compassionate service with Larry Solat, made getting hearing aids an experience in kindness with reliable service. Always attentive and informative.
Caley S. of Denver, CO
11:26 09 Nov 15
I like the clarity and detail of information. Larry was well informed and articulate covering all the eventualities for a new hearing aid wearer.
Very kind and caring. Explained everything in detail. Left the office feeling good about my hearing aids. Highly recommend Audiology Services.
James B. of Brighton, CO
11:26 07 Jul 15
I liked the personalized service and professional way I was treated. No question I had was too small or large. They were all answered. Friendly atmosphere as well. Thats important because you're a little nervous to begin with.
Bonnie R. of Denver, CO
11:26 11 May 15
Larry was very through in explaining the hearing aid, how it works, the maintance of them. Also what to expect in the way of hearing new sounds and what would not improve on.
Vernon W. of Denver, CO
11:26 07 May 15
Mandi was a pleasure to work with, and I never felt rushed. Totally pleasant experience. The VA sent me for my post-service hearing exam. Though I arrived early, Mandi immediately started my exam. The exam was the most thorough I had ever received.
I liked that he seemed to know what he was talking about and was able to explain the hearing aids, which I had not understood well enough to use properly. I appreciated that he made it a courtesy visit since I never got the six months of help where I bought the hearing aids from.
I liked everything about them!
James E. of Denver, CO
11:26 05 Jun 14
My wife and I both got fitted at the same time. I thought I would need aids for both ears but Larry said I only needed one. Follow up with appointments and supplies has been great.
Brad W. of Arvada, CO
11:26 15 Jan 14
They were very personable and friendly.
Kelly B. of Evergreen, CO
11:26 29 Oct 13
She was very nice, a people person, we got along well.
Guillermo L. of Denver, CO
11:26 23 Feb 13
He was very knowledgeable.
The people there were nice.
Jason F. of Louviers, CO
11:26 08 Sep 11