Always the most helpful people around. I have bought 2 sets of hearing aids from them over the last 10 years. So kind and so helpful Teri & Justin are the best.
Christopher Sunderland
16:49 13 Jun 22
Great experience! I have had hearing loss for over a decade in my right ear and Justin was able to find me a solution with a hearing aid and I couldn’t be happier. Great service and the staff is all wonderful. Highly recommend.
Ashley L
12:44 20 May 22
This review is long LONG overdue. I have had HEARINC hearing aids for a little over a year now and would like to share my experiences with you verses a few other companies I have had appointments with. I have been to Beltone, Family Hearing & Balance and Miracle Ear before finally seeing Jim at HEARINC. Both visits to Beltone and Family Hearing & Balance went exactly as I had expected. Showed up for the appointments, they gave me a hearing test (which I have severe hearing loss in different levels of hearing) and then we set down to talk about how to financially afford these very high end tech devices. My visit to Miracle Ear was even worse, they didn’t even want to test my hearing at all. They immediately wanted to talk about how I was going to pay before I was even tested. Needless to say that was a very short visit to Miracle Ear. I can’t remember which one it was but Beltone or Family Hearing & Balance literally told me They would program my hearing aids and I could walk out the door. I was not sure what to think about that but the financial burden was to much to bare either way. I was not impressed at all with any of it. I then went to see Jim at HEARINC. Before my appointment he wanted both my wife and I to show up because he wanted a third party perspective on what it was like to converse with me, someone who knew me best. We all talked a little discussing my problem areas and then performed the hearing test. Once done, he walked out of the office. When he came back in he had a set of hearing aids and was programming them based off of my hearing loss. He put them in my ears. I could hear the birds and cars outside, I could hear his assistant on the phone in the other room. Let me just say this “these are not your Grandparents hearing aids”. I was in shock that no background noise interfered with what I really needed to hear (crystal clear clarity). He then explained to me in plain English what happens in the brain when you live with deafness for a long time. He explained to me questions that I did not even have to ask. He is very intelligent and knowledgeable. Jim took the time to get to know me. We then talked about affordability and we literally didn’t have to think twice about it. HEARINC was a lot more affordable then other places I had mentioned above. When we were leaving (obviously with my new hearing aids) we pulled to the street and when I flipped my turn signal on I could hear it clicking. At that point I knew I had been missing out on hearing a lot of the most simple things not to mention normal conversations with people. Later that day after my wife left for work and as I was getting ready for work I had to call her and ask her if our floors always creaked like that (I admit, I got a little emotional hearing sounds that were lost to me for a long time). This was a life changing event for me. The only regret I have now, is not knowing Jim and HEARINC when I started researching my hearing loss. In any case, it still lead me to Jim. If I have a problem, Jim solves it. He periodically tests and adjusts my hearing aids as needed along with the support he gives when I need it is absolutely amazing! From the bottom of my heart, Thank you Jim! -Danny
Daniel Clark
19:23 02 Sep 20
Great location because it is easy to find and park. Terri , the receptionist, always accommodates my scheduling request. Both Jim and Justin provide the details of service through each step of the hearing test, fitting and or selection of hearing aid.
George Bruner
08:46 23 Aug 20
I have moved since the last time I went to Hear Inc. However, I was at my local Audiologist due to a hearing aid issue. While I was waiting in an environment that was void of any kind of comforts, I reminisced about Hear Inc. I remembered walking into the office explaining my hearing issues. Jim checked my hearing levels and then made recommendations based on my personal and professional environments. Jim was as professional as they come. He and his staff always went above and beyond. They never sold me hearing aids. Rather they gave me back quality of life through hearing again!!’
Dave Anatra
21:11 27 Feb 20
I am a former Hear Inc patient currently living in South Carolina. While at work, an issue regarding tinnitus arose. I place a call to speak with Jim since I knew he could assist me with my issue. As expected, Jim educated me on how to handle my problem. Oh I miss Jim and his staff. Everyone at Hear Inc ALWAYS placed my personal needs first. They DON’T just provide a product! They help educate the patient so they get the most out of their investment. If I have the ability to get to Ohio I would go back to Hear Inc without any reservations! Hmmm maybe Jim and his staff will move to South Carolina...
Gerald Graham
12:43 27 Feb 19