I knew for sometime that my hearing was declining. Back in February this year I finally went to see Edward Deneau at the Sound Hearing Center in Navarre, Florida. After testing, Ed thoroughly explained, in terms easy to understand, the extent of my hearing loss and recommended the Phonax hearing aids. I received the hearing aids in mid February and what a difference it has made - no longer does my wife and friends have to repeat everything said to me. Just wish I had gone to Ed and Sound Hearing much earlier.
Douglas Harden
18:26 26 May 22
I went to an ENT and he wanted me to have hearing test. Hearing guy was in office so. Was told I needed hearing aids. I had no clue how the insurance worked in this area. Only that I had to go through them, the audiologist had to "purchase" from/through the ins. I asked questions never getting them answered satisfactorily. So Sound Hearing was on the list. I ended up not calling anyone else because when I called, Becki, explained everything and was so nice. She said I'd need another test as the one I had was 6 months ago and that is old. Bummer but ok. So glad. The Audiprosthologist, Edward Deneau was also awesome!! He was more thorough, explain what each test was for, had the regular test and the a cochlear nerve test. All confirmed that I had significant hearing loss. I could hear (or so I thought) had difficulty but until I got the aids, I was clueless. It's AWESOME! I hear birds chirping at times I hadn't (like as I'm passing trees, they sound like they are in the car. The deep fryer at the grocery store is LOUD! I can now hear my dogs nails clickity clacking on the tile floor! It's SO awesome, and I don't have to have the TV blaring to hear. If you've been hesitant, hesitate no longer! Go get checked at Sound Hearing, you won't be disappointed! Staff, the 2 of them, are awesome and so helpful!! And it is so WONDERFUL to actually hear!
Rachel Moore
13:35 21 Apr 22
Sue Rogers
21:01 11 Feb 22