Edward Deneau was very helpful and knowledgeable about my dads hearing aids. Got him what was best for him.
Jennifer Mewhinney
21:38 06 Jul 22
Today my husband gets to pick up his repaired Sygnia hearing aid.Michelle has been so helpful and is an excellent representation for this office. We are excited to meet the audiologist. More updates to come.
pamela Moore
13:01 14 Jun 22
Ed was very informative. Our initial visit he took the time to explain how hearing works then did a thorough hearing test. He went over the results and explained the type of hearing loss I had then went over the recommendations for hearing aids. I chose the Phonak hearing aids. I am an exceptionally happy man. I have been able to hear the simple things in life that I have been unable to hear in years such as the wind blowing and the birds singing on my patio! My wife and I are able to have a conversation without her having to yell and we can even converse in a restaurant easily now! I highly recommend Ed at Sound Hearing Centers here in Fort Walton Beach. He truly cares about the patient and their quality of life. Tom and April Stewart
Tom Stewart
19:41 22 Feb 22
Ed Deneau has been my audiologist in FWB for several months now. He is an outstanding "teacher" and goes out of his way to help you. I LOVE my Phonak hearing aids and their capabilities, compared to my previous brand. The bluetooth connection to my cell phone is crystal clear and automatic when I get a call or watch a video on my phone. My hearing is terrible and all my high frequencies are gone! One ear is very weak, but these tiny "amplifiers" are powerful and I have most of my hearing back. (Of course, it will never be the same as it was, but this works.) Ed can even do a remote adjustment via a video connection, but I haven't tried that yet. Also, lifetime, free support is very, very nice to have. If you can afford the technology, these technology marvels are worth the money. As the TV ad says, "Can you hear me now?" Ha ha.
Melly Belly
22:13 03 Dec 20
Bonnie Boyd
22:13 03 Dec 20
We were very happy to learn of the hearing center in Navarre, so convenient to get what we needed. We were able to get great information on hearing aids, pros and cons from a professional. Mr. Deneau is very informative and patient to find the right one for you. Great care is given to make sure everything is working good and that you have the support you need, when ever you need it. Never feel rushed or unimportant at any appointment or phone call.
Pam baty
03:34 29 Jan 22
Enjoyed our appointment with Edward J. Deneau at Sound Hearing Center. He was on time and very helpful. His knowledge of hearing aids made us comfortable with our decisions.
Barbara Jean Sillence
16:20 26 Jan 22
Edward knows his business ,easy to work with ,prompt and efficient. I highly recommend to take care of hearing solutions
Ralph Donato
13:41 10 Jan 22
Very knowledgeable. Easy to understand and quick rectify problems. Great customer service.
Ray Bolton
22:23 06 Jan 22
Took my Father-in-law in to get his hearing tested, at the Navarre office. Ed was very helpful with my stubborn father-in-law. Ed took his time, explained everything before he started. Once the test was done, sat down with us, explained the severity of his hearing loss. We tried several different styles of hearing aid, but my father-in-law wanted the ones that felt best for him. A set of Phonak was his choice. The facility was clean, neat, and organized. I give 5 stars would recommend to everyone.
Joshua Penner
17:27 27 Dec 21
I had a lovely experience at Sound Hearing Center here in the west Navarre office. Edward worked with my insurance to get me the best deal for my money. His attention to detail and kind manner went a long way in helping me with getting my new devices tuned correctly to my needs. He set up my phone so that I can control my hearing aids from the app. All in all, I have been very satisfied with his on going help and concern that I get the most out of these devices, and, the follow up appointments have helped me learn how best to use them. Thank you. 5 stars
Wendy Wall
19:20 17 Dec 21
Don conducted my hearing test and assisted in ordering my hearing aids through hear.com. Got my new hearing aids on Monday, November 30. Don took his time programming the hearing aids to my needs, hooking it to my phone, and making sure I was comfortable with all the products. Today, Don and Ed conducted my first follow up and adjusted the programming to take away the white noise I was experiencing in my left ear, instructing me on how to disconnect my hearing aids from my phone when I want to watch a video with my husband, as well as how to correct and prevent the itching in my right ear. In other words, they are very thorough!
Tonya Veverka
22:13 03 Dec 20
The staff at Sound Hearing is very friendly and helpful. Edward Deneau is all about helping you achieve the best result for you. I highly recommend them for your hearing needs.
John Stewart
22:13 03 Dec 20