Donna Koester
19:41 11 May 22
Extremely professional in aspects of the testing. I have never had such an extensive test yet so easy to understand when explaining the procedures. Totally satisfied with the whole experience.
Thomas Kasperski
23:26 20 Jun 22
Dr. Looney helped my son while we were traveling in Florida from NY. He had an issue with his Cochlear Implants and she was able to accommodate us the same morning we called. Very happy with our experience!
S. Modicamore
15:35 15 Jun 22
john burke
19:41 11 May 22
Very patient and knowledgeable. Good experience!
Steve Berg
19:41 11 May 22
Howard Sonn
23:44 18 May 18
When I first went to see Dr. Michelle Looney I was desperate. I was using "top of the line" hearing aids but despite many adjustments by a hearing aid tech, my hearing was so bad I dreaded dinner with friends in a noisy restaurant; I couldn't enjoy music anymore; television was a struggle; I constantly had to ask my wife to repeat things and look right at me. I was ready to accept any solution that promised to help me hear better, including implants. Michelle gave me a thorough evaluation and assured me that despite the fact my hearing had descended into the severe range, she could help me with the right hearing aids, properly adjusted, and with well-fitted ear molds. It has been a life-changing experience! With the hearing aids, and with the help of a ROGER-ON, I can hear most everything, even in noisy environments. I can appreciate music again! I don't have to ask people to repeat things very often. I don't have to rely so much on lip reading! I don't dread or avoid talking to people. Over the course of a. month or so and several follow-up visits, Michelle listened to what I continued to have trouble with and made the necessary adjustments. She had new ear molds made when the initial set allowed feedback. I heartily recommend Michelle Looney and Hearing Partners of South Florida. The service is excellent and very friendly, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.
Tim McCann
21:33 02 Dec 21
I can't say enough about the quality and attention to detail that Dr. Looney gave me when I visited to have my hearing checked. She ran all her tests and not only answered my questions but showed me all the results of her testing. She made sure I understood everything she presented. She checked my insurance and even called the company to make sure my insurance covered most of the expense. Her demeanor is very calming and she is very client-centered in her approach. I am happy to recommend her to anyone who has hearing needs.
17:11 21 Jul 21
I had a wonderful first visit and follow up at Hearing Partners of South Florida. The staff was super nice, never waited more than 3 minutes to be seen, never felt rushed, my hearing aids came in two days later after they were ordered, and I always received a call the following day to check in to make sure my hearing aids were working to my satisfaction. I highly recommend going to see them if your in need of assistance with hearing issues.
Jennifer Peach
20:28 01 Jul 21
Joanne Wilson
23:44 18 May 18
I put off wearing hearing aids until I met Dr. Looney. She was great. She explained the process, conducted a number of hearing tests and then discussed the results with me. When talking about solutions she provided me with a number of different hearing aids. Extremely knowledgeable. I ended up selecting a pair that fit over my ears (you can barely notice them) that is compatible with my phone. I would definitely recommend Dr. Looney to someone who is needs hearing aids but is, like me, reluctant to see a professional.
Bruce White
18:33 21 Jan 21
Recently had an appointment with Dr. Looney in the Jupiter office. She was professional and proficient in evaluating my hearing deficit. She recommended hearing aids and was diligent in providing follow up to achieve proper fit. She was readily available for adjustments as I became more comfortable with my new sounds. The Jupiter office is very well run: minimal wait time, stream line check in/out, friendly staff, easy accessibility and parking. Highly recommend Dr. Looney for hearing evaluations/hearing aids. She is a valuable resource in the Jupiter area.
Shaun Lencki
19:49 06 Feb 20
DR.LOONEY IS AWSOMEE! She?s super nice and very patient and answers all your doubts and questions. I recommend her to everyone! My mom loves her ! 10/10 rating !
Hashtag abigail
23:44 18 May 18
Lee Frankhouser
23:44 18 May 18