Leslie has helped me with my hearing for the last six years. With her help, it has made a big improvement in all areas if my life.
Ronnie Smith
15:51 07 Jun 22
Leslie and Cindy are very professional and friendly. They are knowledgeable and detailed in their profession. I look forward to being able to hear the sounds I have been missing for years. Thank you.
Beth Brown
15:51 07 Jun 22
From the first phone call to schedule an appointment to the moment we left the office we knew we had made the right decision for my husband’s hearing needs. Very professional yet extremely personable. Our questions were answered, test results were explained, and options were presented. Dr. Gant truly cares about your hearing and Cindy is a great team member! Wonderful experience all the way around!
Pam Kearse
12:16 04 May 22
Very thorough exam with detailed information to help with our decision. Great pricing options. Would highly recommend Gant Hearing Care. She cares for the patient not just a sell.
Brenda East
15:51 07 Jun 22
I highly recommend Leslie for attending to hearing problems. I have been her patient for four years and she has helped me so much. She is very knowledgeable, through, and caring. Thank you, Leslie.
Susan Davis
15:51 07 Jun 22
After losing track of Leslie when Mountain Audiology closed, I began a search for her. I found that Leslie now has her clinic in a lovely new office in Candler, and I made an appointment right away. I have always been pleased with Leslie's care and service and I was not disappointed with this visit. Leslie is efficient, knowledgeable and cares for her patients. She did a thorough exam and updated me on the new hearing aids available if I chose to get new ones. Cindy, Leslie's receptionist, is so friendly and efficient as well. I'm glad I was able to locate Leslie for all my future hearing care.
Sheila Rodgers
19:29 12 Apr 22
Great to have a long-time pro in my corner!! I feel like I have a friend who cares.
Lynn Prior
15:51 07 Jun 22
I was very impressed with the care and professionalism displayed by Dr. Gant. She was able to address all my questions and i will likely purchase my hearing aids from her.
Nick Griffin
15:51 07 Jun 22
Very Knowledgeable and very caring. Fixed me up to where I could hear again. Thank you Leslie Gant for your care...
Gary Miller
01:29 10 Dec 21
As always, I receive awesome care with my hearing needs at Gant Hearing Care. Professional atmosphere, professional staff, and professional care.
Todd Suarez
01:29 10 Dec 21
When Dr. Gant was in Clyde, we took my father-in-law to her at the referral of his family doctor. He obviously needed hearing aids but was not anxious to get them. Dr. Gant did a thorough exam and asked a lot of questions then told us she did not want to sell him her hearing aids. Instead, she said that his hearing loss was obviously related to his service in WWII and helped us get him established at the VA. The VA took so long with the process that we came back to Dr. Gant, and did purchase a set from her, but I was impressed that she was willing to give up a sell so easily. Now, it is years later and I have needed help for some time. However, I was hesitant to go to these salesman shops who just want to sell you their product. When I learned that Dr. Gant was in Enka now, I called her. I got an appointment quickly and I experienced the same care she gave my father-in-law. I asked her about all of these shops around town and she pointed out that she was an audiologist, not just a trained employee. Her shop is her own so she can take care of patients without corporate or other sales pressure That enables her to take care of people, not just the business. It seems obvious to me that that is what she wants to do. And, no... I was not paid or enticed to say this. :)
Jeff DeWeese
19:10 25 Feb 22
So happy to have my hearing care back in Leslie's hands! She changed locations so I couldn't find her for a while. She understands the diagnostics, she understands the hearing aids, and she understands my needs. And, she puts that all together to generate the perfect patient outcome. If you want a great experience, Leslie Gant is the person to see!
Lantz Reppert
12:41 23 Feb 22
Leslie and her staff did a wonderful job. I've got terrible Tinnitus and poor hearing. Leslie provided a set of Oticon hearing aids that eliminated the Tinnitus while I was wearing the hearing aids and also allowed me to actually hear whats around me! A++++Leslie. Keep up the good work! Jeff
Jeff Schandevel
01:29 10 Dec 21
Gant hearing care is a fantastic experience! The front staff is very friendly. Mrs. Gant is a awesome audiologist with years of experience, not only does she have years of experience she actually cares about how you are hearing, she will do whatever she can to make sure you will be hearing to the best of your ability. I highly recommend Gant hearing care for all hearing needs!
Felicia Mull
03:23 10 Feb 22
I've been with Leslie since I was three, and fifteen years later I'm still going to her for all my hearing needs. Hearing loss is extremely prevalent in my life as my father, brother, and I all have genetic hearing loss and we've always needed audiological care. Leslie has always been there for us and made sure we had the necessary hearing care. Whether it was hearing aids, ear molds, etc, we got it. It's all thanks to Leslie Gant, my audiologist and friend.
ephraim overstreet
01:29 10 Dec 21
Recently had very pleasant experience with Gant Hearing Care in evaluating my level of hearing. Results of the hearing test were discussed. Customer service is excellent..
eileen corbin
01:29 10 Dec 21
As a retired geriatric psychiatrist, I know the importance of hearing aids in protecting cognition. Dr. Gant supplied me with my first (and so far, only) set of hearing aids and it was truly life-changing. I'm only 67 and am proud to tell people how much I love them. Dr. Gant is incredibly knowledgeable, very professional, kind, and compassionate. She taught me how to use the App and keeps my hearing aids tuned up and useful. Her receptionist is equally kind and caring and they are a lovely team. Such a great value for such an important aspect of healthy aging.
Lisa Verges
23:10 28 Jan 22
I am delighted to find Dr. Gant again! She is extremely competent, professional, and caring. She tested my hearing and cleaned and adjusted my hearing ads. I much prefer Dr. Gant to other audiologists that I have tried, as my hearing aids fit and function so much better after her care!
21:06 13 Jan 22
I have been a patient of Dr. Gant for over 15 years and have received outstanding care and advice. Dr. Gant explains in detail what to expect and what the hearing aids will not do. She is very concerned about optimizing the hearing experience. I highly recommend Dr. Gant for your hearing issues.
John Latham
18:30 06 Jan 22
I visited Dr Gant to see if there was anything she could do for my tinnitus. She did a complete hearing evaluation on me, explained my results and fitted me with hearing aids. For the first time in 15 years I can now sit in quite without noticing the ringing in my ears. I was almost brought to tears when she turned my hearing aids on and there was silence. I have already recommended 3 other people to her and will continue to do so!
Justin Rathbone
14:20 05 Jan 22
Very professional and personable. I would definitely recommend Dr Gant to all who are experiencing hearing problems .
Gayle Ammons
02:12 13 Dec 21
I have relied on Dr. Gant for my hearing care for a number of years. I have always received excellent care. I just got awesome new hearing aids at Gant Hearing Care and I love them! Dr. Gant and her staff are so kind and helpful. I highly recommend them for your hearing needs.
Diane Williamson
01:29 10 Dec 21
Gant hearing service is a great audiologist with years of experience. I would recommend this hearing service to everyone!! The staff is great, overall excellent rating is well deserved.
David Cutshall
00:28 09 Dec 21
Dr Gant is a knowledgeable and very caring professional. She works tirelessly to make sure her patients needs are met. Highly recommend Dr Gant and her staff!
Barbara Jones
22:47 08 Dec 21
I have had the pleasure of having Dr. Gant provide hearing services for a number of years now. I am always happy with the service she provides. Dr. Gant cares about you as a person. I am happy she has gone out on her own, you will not be sorry if you go to her.
Terry Shelton
22:18 08 Dec 21