Ashley Shipley
23:44 18 May 18
Say again?
Great staff. Nice facility. Very clean.
Courtney Slover
21:17 03 Jun 21
jonathan jones
23:44 18 May 18
The entire staff is helpful, knowledgeable, and patient.
Darrin Jackson
22:02 17 Jul 20
Love This Place They are AMAZING
Karen Outlaw
23:44 18 May 18
Professional and caring staff.
David Goff
23:44 18 May 18
Staffs are friendly and very helpful. Everything u need to help.
Steve Dalton
16:51 02 Nov 19
Great place for all your hearing aid needs. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Thanks I can hear again!!
13:03 05 Jul 19
Friendly and they will work with you on hearing aids
Gail Brewer
23:44 18 May 18
James Brown
23:44 18 May 18
Gail Ajan
23:44 18 May 18
mark byrd
23:44 18 May 18
I have had hearing aids for 10 years or longer. Have been to several hearing aid centers as well as medical specialists. My experience with the.people at Patriot was the best I have had thus far.. I would recommend Patriot to everyone with hearing issues. They are there to help and are. trained in the latest hearing solutions.
Diana Sellers
21:31 08 Feb 18