Bob LaCosta understands how hearing aids work and, with his decades of experience, provides superb guidance and support. He provides fair initial pricing including support so that first year ownership costs are low. Bob was able to answer my questions with full explanations. He is extremely competent and explained the features and functions of the hearing aid in a manner that was clear and understandable. He installed the smartphone app and got it working. I left with my new hearing aid (Oticon More1) working and confident that I could operate it properly. Before finding Bob, I went to two audiologists. Both understood how your ear works and how to perform a hearing test. Unfortunately, neither audiologist focused on the hearing aid itself and lacked the ability to fully support a patient. If you are told that you are hard of hearing, I highly recommend that you go to Bob LaCosta for your hearing aid.
Ralph R
23:20 19 Dec 21
Jon Howard
21:37 13 Mar 20
Bob LaCosta solved my hearing problems and continues to help me overcome any hearing loss. He is the best. He is appreciated. Now, my family does not have to repeat themselves constantly. Dr. Ted Baehr
Ted Baehr
17:25 03 Feb 21
It feels like there is nothing in my ear! I’m so happy with Roberts kindness and expertise.
Cindy SanLorenzo
14:34 10 Sep 20
Robert and Vinnie are kind, respectful and professional. My hearing aids are absolutely perfect! If you are having difficulty hearing, this is the place to go. Highly recommend!
Sandy Borrelli
13:11 03 Aug 20
Excellent service and great products....couldn’t get any better...thank you Robert LaCosta
kathleen conklin
21:37 13 Mar 20
I am so sorry I didn't find Heart Ear Boutique years ago! After stopping in and meeting with Dr. LaCosta I was very impressed with the wealth of knowledge and the numerous options he offers for improved hearing. I was suffering with hearing loss for over 10 years and never wanted to get a hearing aid because I didn't like the look of the big over the ear hearing aids I've seen in the past. Dr. LaCosta thoroughly tested my hearing and provided me with "in the ear" units. I can honestly say I am so happy! I can now hear so much better with no visible hearing aids! Best part was insurance paid the entire bill!! Thanks again Heart Ear Boutique!!
Dave Janulis
21:37 13 Mar 20
If you have ringing in your ears that's driving you nuts. If you can't hear a conversation over the noise around you. You need to go see Robert LaCosta, He took the time to test me and fit me with a loaner pair so I could see what it's like to be able to hear again. The ringing is gone, I can hear conversation over the background noise now. The peace I feel from the ringing being gone is hard to describe. My Boss is happy that she doesn't have to repeat things again. The service is great and the products are top notch. If you have a hearing problem don't put up with it any longer see Rob and hear your life again.
Philip Rivenburg
21:37 13 Mar 20
I love this place the service is great the owner is very personable and the hearing aid are fantastic the latest Bluetooth built into the hearing aid so you could answer your phone watch tv and more through the hearing aid plus adjust the hearing aid from an app on my i phone. i highly recommen Mr La Costa . this man does goes out of his way to make sure the customer has a great experience.
Manuel Ortiz
21:37 13 Mar 20
Very detailed and professional with grandma! Thorough with the follow up and go above and beyond with making sure everything works for her. Highly recommended!
Anthony Brandotti
20:59 10 Feb 20
Has been very good to my family over many years. I would highly recommend the care and service offered to anyone needing hearing aids.
jeremiah ortiz
21:37 13 Mar 20
My mother has been able to decrease the volume on the tv from 7 to 3. She has had wonderful service with the people here
Margaret Meyer
21:37 13 Mar 20
My husband got his hearing aids from Robert. I have noticed that his hearing has improved a great deal. And he has told me that he feels the same way. He had an easy and good experience with Robert.
Gail Sacco
13:21 10 Jan 20
Very pleasant and helpful people. Would recommend them highly to anyone looking for hearing aids.
Babette Jocelyn
21:37 13 Mar 20
Quality products and even more important, very high quality adjusting of my hearing aids. Very satisfied.
Through Our Eyes
21:37 13 Mar 20
These guys are awesome. They make you feel very comfortable and they take there time and will answer all your questions.
John Shultz
21:37 13 Mar 20
Amy Finch
21:37 13 Mar 20
Very satisfied with my new hearing aids, not to mention the excellent knowledgeable service I encountered. I highly recommend them.
Donna Shanahan
21:37 13 Mar 20
Bob is a great guy to work with. Helpful and not pushy, guides and gets what you need. Very great person to work with.
Alex Katko
21:37 13 Mar 20
I've known Bob personally for years, when my mother in law needed help with her hearing aids a few years ago Bob was the only person on my list. She has been a Patient of Bob's ever since and loves how patient and understanding he is.
21:37 13 Mar 20