John Davis is the best audiologist I've had in the 15 plus years that I have been wearing hearing aids. The quality I most appreciate in him is he is knowledgeable about the latest technology and their applications. Hearing aids are now smart devices and the other audiologists I've had don't seem to want to keep up. Second he does not fit just one brand that he carries or favors but will work with you to get the best fit. After sales support is excellent so also the office staff. If you live in the area Sound Advice should be your first stop.
Alexander George
23:44 18 May 18
Great first-time experience buying hearing aids for my wife. Sound Advice was recommended to us by a number of Sun City Carolina Lakes friends. Well worth the drive over to Fort Mill. John has done a great job taking care of my wife's hearing needs.
Charles Curtis
12:45 10 Mar 22
Excellent support, latest technology, friendly, knowledgeable staff. Gave me the gift of hearing clearly again.
Henry Doerr
23:44 18 May 18
Bruce Velie
23:44 18 May 18
Alicia, John and Jazmine took care of my problem with my hearing aids today and as usual in a professional yet friendly and efficient manner. These folks are the best
C. Smith
23:44 18 May 18
A very knowledgeable and caring staff. I seldom recommend people, but John and his crew are exceptional.
Joe Gworek
13:41 08 Feb 22
Everyone is Awesome!! This is my first set of hearing aids. I am so grateful ????for these it is so exciting to be able to hear things I haven't heard for quite awhile!! I recommend Sound Advice to anyone and everyone who have a hearing problem. If you want to receive top notch treatment go here.They are so caring and professional!
Leslie Nichols
19:56 02 Feb 22
Carolyn Brazzell
23:44 18 May 18
John created new apps for me that I expect will help me greatly in two areas. I am just amazed at his knowledge and creativity.
Bruce Hayes
23:44 18 May 18
I have been a patient here for 2.5 years, I have received excellent care each and every visit. They are really there for their patients. I highly Recommend Sound Advice hearing Center. I give them an A+
Debbie Setzer
14:19 19 Jan 22
I was seen promptly and treated professionally. The audiologist explained every detail that I could understand. My fears of wearing hearing aids was diminished. I highly recommend Sound Advice!
Julie Modde
13:23 10 Jan 22
Barbara Peters
23:44 18 May 18
Awesome experience..John & Staff extremely kind. And Helpful.Thanks .Can now hear Grand children.
Jim O Connell
23:44 18 May 18
Im Tyrese and they helped me wit my hearing aids and now I wear them and it helps my hearing and I'm glad i went there whoever sees this i recommend to go their they the best
Juice Da Glo
23:44 18 May 18
Alicia Listened to my concerns from my experience with hearing aids and what was important to me in new ones. She was professional, friendly and genuinely interested in meeting my needs
Loretta Washam
23:44 18 May 18
I have been a customer of Sound Advice Hearing for nearly ten years. In all my visits I have been treated extremely well and all my concerns addressed immediately. I lost a hearing aid about mid September of this year and in less than two weeks I had mine replaced. While I was waiting John and his staff gave me a loaner hearing aid to use. They connected this to my phone so I would not be inconvenienced. They care about their patients and it shows.
June Ross
01:50 28 Oct 21
Thanks for chocolate chip cookies. I am glad John came and you were able to help him. We have been for friends over 25 years and a client of mine. You can make a donation to Samaritan Purse. Keep up with the good work you folks are doing. I am pleased with my aides and tell others to give you the opportunity to help them. God Bless!!! ????????Carol Williams
16:10 15 Oct 21
I did a tremendous amount of research on hearing aids over the past several years. I was really apprehensive on which brand and or company to buy from. So, this kept me from making a quick purchase. I was constantly discovering new things about the different hearing aids, brands and capabilities. While on vacation this past summer I made a commitment to myself to dig even deeper in my research. After spending the week on vacation with my family and not being able to understand my granddaughter, when she spoke to me... I was committed at this point to find a hearing aid that would fix my problem. Plus, I wanted to get the best hearing aid that money had to offer without over buying and breaking the bank !!! So, after visiting many.... Audiologist and talking to a lot of On-Line companies... I made a decision on who I wanted to do business with. This was a big decision that would be costly. And, I wanted it to be done right the first time. After three visits and two trials of different hearing aids... I finally found the right hearing aid for a price I was comfortable with. FYI... I shopped very hard or three years and even considered using the On-Line companies. But, they couldn't answer any of my detailed questions about certain frequencies and such. And, how they were going to test my ears and make adjustments to fine tune the hearing aid. They always said, give them a try and lets go from there... Nope, not me... This was too big of a purchase and I want a more personal touch. After my visit Sound Advice Hearing I noticed a different, more caring atmosphere !!! I felt like I was finally getting somewhere. The test was very detailed (just like I like it... Good Data...) After trialing two different type of aids I made a decision. I have now had them apporx. one week. I hear better at work in meetings and most of all, I can hear my granddaughter much better. I got what I needed and for a price I was comfortable with. If you have any reservation about buy hearing aids like I did, then go visit Sound Advice Hearing Center. I am absolutely positive you will have the same experience I did. They are great people and they DO Care about your hearing. I now hear the finer things in life. Like birds and tones in music that I haven't heard in years I'm a very Happy Customer !!!
Bobby Polk
17:05 18 Sep 21
I had the privilege of having an appointment with SoundAdvice -Hearing yesterday. Alicia Durkin was the person who helped me with my problems. She understood where is was coming from and what I needed to hear better, she was very professional, very courteous, and very caring. I’m very pleased as to the results and looking forward to seeing her again, if I have a problem. She deserves more then five stars are far as I’m concerned. Alicia Durkin is her name.
james gilsdorf
14:04 04 Aug 21
My husband and I both suffer from hearing loss and decided it was time to do something about it. Carolina Ear Nose and Throat actually recommended we get in touch with Sound Advice. We met John the owner and he was extremely knowledgeable and we instantly felt at ease. He explains things in a way that you can totally understand. Since receiving our hearing aids we have been back several times for free adjustments and John always takes his time and answers all of our concerns. He just doesn’t hand you the hearing aids and leaves you to figure it all out. His prices with the no cost follow up visits are lower than you could find anywhere else. We highly recommend Sound Advice if you are considering finally doing something about your hearing loss.
Michele In Bayville
21:14 03 Aug 21
John and the team at Sound Advice excel in customer service and satisfaction. No need to go anywhere else! John, the owner, spent hours addressing the areas of concern for my mother, the various optionality available with hearing aids and guiding how to properly use them. He was patient, informative and showed a willingness to work within our budget. He also made follow up calls with me and appointments with her to ensure they were working properly and we were all happy. I recommend Sound Advice highly.
NB Williams
16:24 09 Jun 21
Dr. Durkin was wonderful! She spent lots of time explaining everything and offering me many options. I didn't feel rushed or pressured in any way. Heather at the front desk made everything easier and called the very next day. I'm glad I took this step and chose Sound Advice!
Tanya Tolentino
23:20 02 Jun 21
Having seen another audiologist in December I appreciated how much more superior Sound Advice Hearing Center with John Davis and Alicia Durkin were. Losing my hearing was a surprise. I imagine it wasn't sudden but a result of some head traumas along my journey in life. I was so clueless I thought I had a terrible sinus cold in one ear. I experienced vertigo several times and ended up in the ER, dehydrated, terribly nauseous. I had researched in January where to go and found Sound Advice Hearing Center in my plan. The hearing test was detailed. I took Katherine with me. In a sound proof booth each ear was tested for frequencies and word recognition. When I came out John initially showed me a graph of my hearing loss and it was significant. But he didn't dwell on a graph. Katherine apologized to me for not understanding why I always asked her to say my name before speaking to me. She knew the TV was always up very loud and knew I couldn't help it. I didn't know. John played what normal people hear. Then he played how I hear men, women and children. The higher frequencies were like nonexistent. Men were easier to hear but not clear. It took my breath away to realize how debilitating this had been for me with my LIVE show, understanding Katherine, hearing the cats meow, the dog (well, I knew he was loud, but he's really got a deafening bark). I was fitted with hearing aids that are high tech, no longer the kind that just magnifies sound (which always gave hearing aids a bad rap). These connected to an app on my iphone and gives me the ability to adjust to watching TV, listening to music, making the sounds I hear directional (meaning instead of hearing a noisy restaurant and a mess of noise, I could direct easily with one touch where I wanted the sound to come from. Basically from the person sitting in front of me. I did tear up a bit when I first heard again. I'm one whose one ear is so significantly gone that John said he could get me up to 80%. That 80% was like a miracle for me. I know this sounds funny, but I could hear myself when I spoke. Katherine said it was the softest she's heard my voice in months. I also can adjust each ear volume individually and the hearing aids (like I said, high tech) are programmed to my particular deficits. There is no one size fits all. There is a period of time where my brain needs to adjust to sound again, to recognize my signal in the car actually does make a noise, to understand what a sound you'd think I would recognize but don't because I haven't heard it in so long. Brain training can take 6 weeks to 6 months. Sometimes I'm startled by how much sound information I can take in and I shake my head at what I've missed. It is what it is and I am thankful they have a payment plan, that I could put it on Katherine's card and pay her and that my health care plan helped keep this manageable. When I had a two week check up we made some adjustments and just yesterday I went back because of some static in my bad ear and they changed out the wire and nub that goes into your ear and made a few technical adjustments to the sounds I was interpreting. I'll be back there in July to tweak some more and they do special cleanings for you and nub (what I call it) changing if you find it difficult. I have rechargeable batteries (only way to go) so at night they sit in a little container and you can see by the lights how charged they are and you can check during the day if curious how much charge each still has. Cleaning is easy with small alcohol pads and a small brush which I do each morning. They offered me a plan that was superior to the one offered by the health care folks and Katherine and I nodded yes. They are patient, obviously passionate about what they do and I did not feel rushed or made to feel they were in a hurry to see the next person. We all have different reasons for hearing loss, aging, genetics, accidents .regardless, these specialists basically hold your hand to give options that frankly for everyone is life changing. Highly recommend.
Carol King Butler
13:56 19 May 21
I am highly satisfied with my new Phonac Paradise hearing aids. I traded my Marvels and received the new Paradise models. The sound is truly amazing. I also traded up to the rechargeable and they are lasting 16 plus hours with 4 hours of heavy streaming compared to the battery marvels that i changed every third day. John is great for his knowledge on Phonac and every brand when recommending the best for my condition. I recommend sound advice for quality and knowledgeable staff,
Melvin Keller
21:50 29 Mar 21
A delightful, albeit necessary, experience ! Sort of like visiting a happy family--with talents !!! Would happily recommend to all :)
Ellie&Art Florack
23:44 18 May 18
Oh, happy I am to have a hearing specialist who is so knowledgeable, and patient friendly and caring. He is truly honest which means so much that if a patient wants top quality hearing aids, that patient can be assured that he will get what he's paying for and will be mist happy with results!
Mary Wannamaker
23:44 18 May 18
I was looking for a good hearing aid location near me and found Sound Advice. I read the reviews already there and was amazed at the great comments others had made. I made an appointment and was very pleased that I did. Attention to detail personalized to the individual was a plus. They definitely have great customer care and service. I would highly recommend Sound Advice and Doctor Davis for your hearing needs.
Chris Teague
23:44 18 May 18
Excellent service! John and the rest of the staff are really care about their patients! They are doing an outstanding job! They are truly exceptional! Thank you!
Liana D
23:44 18 May 18
John’s knowledge and empathy is second to none!
Timothy E. Walker
23:44 18 May 18
The sound of silence was becoming deafening even to my thoughts before a friend insisted that I go to Sound Advice in Fort Mill, South Carolina! Overwhelmed with frustration and concern, we were warmly welcomed and put at ease by Lisa and Heather. John Davis is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and thoughtful! It was immediately obvious that he was only interested in giving me the best care and service for my needs and situation. And the long term follow-up from John and the staff is most reassuring. I love to hear their voices now! My family and friends are delighted to have my full attention again, and I am forever grateful to my friends who insisted that I listen to Sound Advice!
Lynn Gazjuk
23:44 18 May 18
Having been a patient of Sound Advice Hearing Center for over five years, I can attest to the excellent evaluations, service, products, and professionalism of John and his wonderful staff. They care. They care about me as a person, and they personalize their care to fit my individual needs. Since I play an acoustic guitar, my needs are unique to my hearing capabilities and to the unique sound of my guitar. John understands how to calibrate my hearing aids so that I now enjoy playing even more. Also, due to the large-room environment in my home, finding the right volume for the TV for both my wife and me became easy now that I have the TV accessory that allows my wife to listen at the volume best for her, and allowing me to listen at the volume that's best for me - through my hearing aids and in stereo! If you're experiencing hearing difficulties but have not sought help, I urge you to contact Sound Advice - they will do everything possible to improve the quality of your life. While my grandkids may not enjoy hearing my guitar, I certainly enjoy hearing them. What better gift can you give yourself than to be able to hear your grandkids? You don't know what you don't hear. Give yourself the gift of hearing again - it will be like experiencing a new world.
Neal Kiser
23:44 18 May 18
Wallace French
23:44 18 May 18
Excellent assessment, fitting with devices that best meet my needs ( invisible hearing aids). Excellent instructions, practice inserting and removing and fine tuning volume, clarity. John is excellent, good interpersonal skills, good listener. Highly recommend practice and product.
Janet Chubb
16:38 12 Feb 21
I've had hearing loss for years. Dr. John Davis tested me thoroughly and helped me pick out new hearing aids that fit my lifestyle. He keeps them in tune and ensures they are adjusted to my hearing with each visit
Ed Isaacs
23:44 18 May 18
Great as usual
23:44 18 May 18
Without question, Heather, Lisa and John provided me with unparalleled customer service! Sound Advice is a wonderful place for hearing aids and great service!
John McRedmond
23:44 18 May 18
This is a great place to have your hearing checked and to purchase hearing aides. The staff is friendly and compassionate. I always have had a great experience here. Check them out.
Kathy Davidson
23:44 18 May 18
As new patients and new residents in the area we were warmly welcomed by Lisa in the reception area. She helped us make appointments within the next week and carefully checked our hearing aids to make sure they were clean. John, the audiologist, did a careful check on my 3 year old hearing and made some changes. I can hear much better than before. I appreciate their kindness, their competence, and their goal to make our hearing the very best it can be. I highly recommend Sound Advice Hearing to anyone who wants to hear better. Karen Bader
Karen Bader
23:44 18 May 18
John Davis has provided exemplary service and outstanding knowledge during my search for the right hearing aid. I would highly recommend John and Sound Advice Hearing Center for your hearing needs. Bill
bill callahan
23:44 18 May 18
I have been a client of sound advice for many years and have always received the most professional care. The staff are all friendly and knowledgeable, especially John Davis. He is the most knowledgeable person I have met when it comes to hearing aids
Dave Burton
23:44 18 May 18
John Davis is so caring and an expert in his field. The Sound Advice staff is so friendly and helpful. As a client for 8 years, I can say that I have never been disappointed in any way and it is truly a 5 star experience!
Cecilia Davis
23:44 18 May 18
Excellent Service
DC Shah
23:44 18 May 18
Had a hearing test done, and all went well, Results were explained very clearly and easily understood.
Steve Vogel
23:44 18 May 18
John has made every effort to help me with my hearing needs.
Margaret Johnson
23:44 18 May 18
I'm so excited to be able to hear again in different environments where understanding what was being said was impossible and now I'm able to and can be more social and contribute to the conversations around me! John and his staff are so friendly, nice, and so very helpful. I'm so thankful my primary doctor sent me here. Thank you, thank you! I would so highly recommend them!
Cheryl Elliott
23:44 18 May 18
Great Customer Service! Awsome folks.
mr b
23:44 18 May 18
I have been with Sound Advice for a few years. They have always gone above and beyond my expectations.
Roddey Caughman
23:44 18 May 18
Harold McLaren
23:44 18 May 18
Great people and Great service!
mark stanford
23:44 18 May 18
Great staff and customer care :-)
Marc Kruth
23:44 18 May 18
Charles Mason
23:44 18 May 18
From the moment you walk in the door every member of the staff go to work making sure whatever service you need or want is taken care of completely. The facility is imaculate, well designed and very comfortable. Their attention to detail is as amazing as the care and attention you receive as a client. If you already have hearing equipment or are suspecting you may need some help, you will thank the day you walked in their door for Sound Advice.
Michael Adams
23:44 18 May 18
John and his staff are the best! They make you feel like family and they go out of their way to help you. Anyone can sell you a product but very few people take the time to get to know you and actually care about your needs. John understands what you need and what you want and he combines both into a great device that works. Thank you ever so much
23:44 18 May 18
My first initial evaluation went well. Dr. Shari explained everything in detail, a lot more information than any 3 other audiologists explained to me prior to coming here. I was so excited when I left of the possibility of being able to hear and understand again. Finally all my paperwork has been completed and my aids are in. Ecstatic about my upcoming appointment. If there were 10 star rating I would give that!!!!
Wanda Stinson-Stevenson
23:44 18 May 18
Sound Advice has been the best experience. As a younger demographic that needs hearing aids, their understanding of my dependence on them, speed of helping me fix problems, and general customer service and care is the absolute best.
Jennifer Mulherin
23:44 18 May 18
Sound Advice deserves all the praise. If we all treated others as Sound Advice does what a wonderful world it would be. John and the gang are professional and kind and a God send. They gave me hope. Try them for yourself. They will amaze you. Thanks Sound Advise!
lynn catoe
23:44 18 May 18
Very pleasant experience.
Robert Wyman
23:44 18 May 18
They were friendly ,professional. Knowledgeable and had the latest tech.
Mark Rogers
23:44 18 May 18
Jasmine White
23:44 18 May 18
Heather Robbins
23:44 18 May 18
Gayle Knight
23:44 18 May 18
Having been a hearing aid user for over 23 years, Sound Advice Hearing Center has provided me with the best customer experience I have ever received for my hearing aid, testing, fitting, and overall satisfaction! Thank you John Davis and team for your honesty and commitment to excellence!
Raffi Chamoun
23:44 18 May 18
john, Sharon and the whole team at sound advice have worked hard to help me with the purchase and care of my hearing aids over the past several years, most of all you can see they are devout Christians, and truly care about their customers, I believe john and Sharon are doing a call from god to help seniors with the purchase and care of hearing aids. I had done with out hearing aids for a long time, and did not think I could ever afford good hearing aids until I met john, and he worked hard to make it possible for me to purchase a quality set of hearing aids. it has been a struggle and embarrassing not being able to hear people talk to me, I would nod my head at people talking to me like I could hear what they say, not wanting to have to ask people to repeat what they said over and over because it was frustrating to everyone. the new hearing aids have changed my life forever, thanks to sound advice and god.
Ricky Evans
23:44 18 May 18
Have worn hearing aids many years. I starting going to Sound Advice 4 years ago and have been totally pleased with the service, professionalism, politeness and friendliness I’ve experienced with all staff. Their goal is to provide the best testing to establish the extent of hearing loss, then show the aid products that are available for your situation. Totally pleased.
David Lozner
23:44 18 May 18
Nathaniel Thompson, Jr.
23:44 18 May 18
Dr. John and staff continue to surpassed all expectations! I made an appointment with Dr. John based solely on previous reviews and I am so glad I did! I'd give them 10 stars if I could! As someone who is dealing with hearing loss at a younger age than is typical; I had many anxious feelings about the process, the technology, the long-term. My initial visit with another hearing center left me feeling even more anxious with their high-pressure sales tactics among other concerns. Dr. John and his staff took so much time to explain the now, and what to expect later. He didn't do any unnecessary tests, he didn't try to sell me something I couldn't afford, he offered financing options and understood my needing to make financial arrangements before I could proceed. His genuine concern for my long-term health and my financial abilities to overcome my hearing problem made me feel so much better about dealing with hearing loss going forward. I have absolutely no doubt that Dr. John and his staff will be there for me in every way they can. From the constant communication regarding when my devise would be ready to the heartwarming follow-up call the next day and to the follow-up visits to be sure I am getting everything out of my new aid; I feel very strongly that I will never seek hearing care from anywhere else. Great job Dr. John and staff! I cannot express how grateful I am and I know that you take great pride in your practice, your staff and your patients' satisfaction. Thank you, Thank you Thank you! - the cookies were a nice touch too, I must say!!! Forever grateful to the person who left the review before mine, because they were spot on and led me to the perfect hearing center!
Silly OReally
23:44 18 May 18
My wife and I have been patients of Sharon since 2008, she is the best hearing specialist we have had. She has many years of experience and always listens and spends as much time with you as you need. Highly recommend Sharon and Sound Advice Don & Gloria Kuehn
Gloria Kuehn
23:44 18 May 18
Over some two years now I've found Shari genuinely dedicated to that which "works best" for me; taking time and giving every effort to help me hear better.
Chuck Lehman
23:44 18 May 18
I am over the moon in happiness with my new hearing aids. The entire staff gives all their time to you and truly cares about what is the best for your hearing needs. Integrity plus! My experience with a well known medical practice in my area for hearing aids was well below the standard that Sound Advice operates. I highly recommend Sound Advice in Fort Mill!
Nancy Niskala
23:44 18 May 18
I recently moved to SC and was in the need for my 2nd set of hearing aids. I read the reviews on the Internet and immediately called Sound Advice Hearing. The staff is very professional and knowledgeable. I spoke with John first so that he could get an idea of my hearing needs. Next, Shari the audiologist did my test.She explained the graph to me in detail. I went with the "in the canal" choice. I had my hearing aids within a week and Shari spent a lot of time explaining what the computer chip did along with cleaning the aids. I never felt rushed at all. I went back for a week check up and she really listened to what i was experiencing. She tweaked the aids and I will see her in 2 weeks to see how I am doing. The staff is very courteous. I guarantee you will not be rushed and will feel like you are getting the attention you deserve. I would recommend this company to anyone needing hearing aids.
Rose T
23:44 18 May 18
Very friendly professional care with a personal touch! ❤️
Glo Bacon
23:44 18 May 18
John and his staff are wonderful! Listened to my needs and made the recommendations needed for it. Highly recommended!!
Maria Seelhorst
23:44 18 May 18
Lena L
23:44 18 May 18
A great experience. Sound Advice does a great job serving the customer's needs.
kevin williams
23:44 18 May 18
jay moore
23:44 18 May 18
beth vinsack
23:44 18 May 18
Great service! Nice folks to deal with.
Carolyn McGinnis
23:44 18 May 18
Dr. John Davis truly provides honest, sincere service. I have been with him approximately two months since purchasing my hearing aids and I could not be more pleased. His experience is solid and he truly has a goal of giving you the best hearing you can attain. No nickeling and diming!
James Brinkley
23:44 18 May 18
The entire staff is courtesy, caring, professional and on time with your appointment, they are great They do not try to sell products that you don’t need. I enjoy the visits for appointments because of the personal attention I get with the doctors.
Steve OSullivan
23:44 18 May 18
I am hearing things that I was not aware they made a sound. John determined what I need and he "nailed it". I had visited two other places and did not receive the care and attention that I received with John, Crystal and Heather. "Can you hear me now?" If not, go see John at Sound Advice.
Clayon Carpenter
23:44 18 May 18
Glenn Reynolds
23:44 18 May 18
5 star plus. Above and beyond service every time. Super helpful. Thankful to have this place and John to go to for my heating aid needs and such. Definitely the place to go. Also, supports local business! Yay.
Crissy M
23:44 18 May 18
Very nice
Tammy Dickinson
23:44 18 May 18
Shari has been amazing. I walked into the office on a job-related visit and mentioned to her and her receptionist Heather (who has also been absolutely amazing!) my need for hearing aids and some of my experience with progressive hearing loss. Without hesitation, Shari directed me to my first step in getting back this ability. As a former musician, the loss of my hearing has been an awful experience. Now months later, I am relearning how to hear and it is shocking. Not only have they been instrumental in supporting me regaining the ability to hear the world around me, but Shari has taken an interest in my life and children and is a positive and encouraging force, asking about our wellbeing at each visit and always providing an uplifting comment. I am beyond thrilled that chance brought me to this office, and will forever be grateful for them. I had all but resigned myself to the idea that I would never be able to hear again, and now I am excited to see just how helpful my brand new hearing aids will be. Thank you, Sound Advice :)
Christine DeFilippo
23:44 18 May 18
Back for an upgrade! John and his staff have made such a positive impact on my life. A few years ago I bought a cheap set of hearing aids from John thinking I may or may not wear them. But John helped me so much. He tuned the aids to my needs and I realized quickly I couldn't live without them. Now it's time for a new set and there was no thought of going anywhere but to see the amazing people at sound advice. John took his time to ensure I was completely satisfied. I could never repay the change he has made in my life!! Totally recommend to anyone who is struggling to hear. Trust them!!! No price gauging, no lies. Just great people who want to help you!
Bill D
23:44 18 May 18
This center has been the ABSOLUTE best company to work with. I have taken my 91 year-old mother there for her hearing aids and the service that they have given has been way beyond the call of duty. I highly recommend them to anyone who is in need of hearing aids. They make doing something that you really don't want to do a very positive experience!
Gwen Berry
23:44 18 May 18
I highly, highly recommend Sound Advice Hearing. I recently purchased top of the line Phonak hearing aids, but my audiologist could not get them operating properly. The co I purchased them from recommended I go to John Davis, Sound Advice Hearing in Fort Mill, SC. I made an appt. with John. My experience could not have been better. COURTEOUS, FRIENDLY, VERY PROFESSIONAL service at a beautiful well organized office. John was very knowledgeable, and concerned and determined to set up my hearing aids the way they should perform. John Davis accomplished just that, I left with my $5,000 hearing aids working great and I look forward to a return visit with John and his staff in the future. SOUND ADVICE HEARING AND HIS STAFF DESERVE A 5 STAR +++
Edgar McWhirter
23:44 18 May 18
Do you or someone you love or someone you know need hearing aids or think you might need hearing aids? If so please look no further than Sound Advice of Fort Mill, SC. I did and I still have difficulty believing the outstanding level of quality care and service that I have received and continue to receive from John and his staff. Both John and his staff continue to go above and beyond, having surpassed every expectation that I ever could have hoped for in Customer service. Both before and after the sale. Please, let me share my story. Having suffered severe hearing loss for thirteen years and having much difficulty finding quality service I quit wearing my hearing aids. Slowly withdrawing from family and social events until I felt like an outsider, even amongst my family. Finally my wife and family asked me to get some help with my hearing. I found John and the staff of Sound Advice via an Internet search. I already had a specific hearing aid in mind and Sound Advice Hearing Center of Rock Hill were the only ones in the area that offered that particular device. I made the appointment never knowing the difference it would make in my life. On our car home, after having my hearing aids fitted and programmed my wife started to cry, when I asked her what was wrong she said to me "I've got you back, I can talk to you again! There are so many things I want to talk to you about" I couldn't help but tear up myself. I never had any idea that she also had been suffering the effects of my hearing loss all those years. My grandkids come sit on my lap and can talk to me now, no more yelling at grandpa! This is a new time in my life, no more Grandpa sitting off to the side at those precious birthdays and holidays either. I couldn't believe how excited my 5 year old grandson got that I could actually hear him, he kept turning his head away from me whispering "can you hear me"? It was a priceless moment. As far as I'm concerned John and his staff didn't just sell me some hearing aids, they sold me a miracle. John and his staff gave me back more than my hearing, they gave me back my family and I can never thank them enough. May GOD bless and keep them all. So, if you have a hearing problem but don't know where to go, please visit John and his staff at Sound Advice Hearing Center in Fort Mill, SC . If not for yourself, then for the ones you love. They might be missing you too. Sincerely, William D. Parker Jr, of Belmont, NC
William Parker
23:44 18 May 18
John is awesome to have as a specialist in hearing loss..
Chris Cobb
23:44 18 May 18
John Davis did a great job fitting me for custom hearing protection. Highly recommend.
Jimmy B
23:44 18 May 18
After a discouraging trip to a big name audiologist who works with my doctor it was recommended by a friend that we see John at Sound Advice. We were able to get an appointment that very afternoon! John spent 3+ hours with us and I came home with a new set of hearing aids! John gave me an extensive hearing test and verified that ,indeed, I needed some help! He was incredible giving us information and answering all our questions. Besides being very personable and gracious it was obvious he really knew what he was talking about. This is my first experience with hearing aids and I must say I had no clue what I was missing! I've been back a couple times for 'tweaking' and he has answered any other questions I had. The technology is amazing but this lady needs a bit of help understanding how to put it to good use! I've already told several people about John and Sound Advice and will continue to highly recommend him!
23:44 18 May 18
I'm always very skeptical. For me, buying hearing aids is like buy a car. You really don't know what you have until you have driven it many miles! I did all the research I could. I had been to several different hearing aid providers and a friend mentioned that she was very happy with John at Sound Advice Hearing. I am very satisfied with John's evaluation and willingness to answer all my questions. He was very focused on making sure that I was happy with my hearing aids and made several adjustments to my hearing software and the earpieces. I strongly recommend that you go to John and let him work with you.
Gay Watson Null
23:44 18 May 18
I have hearing aids from another audiologist, and John has been most gracious about dealing with them. He has serviced them several times, and every time, they are near-perfect. John is great.
Norm Vennetti
23:44 18 May 18
John Davis is extremely well trained in hearing technology, and very honest and upfront about pricing options. John is a wonderful resource and adviser for anyone facing hearing challenges.
Timothy Walker
23:44 18 May 18
Prior to deciding on Sound Advice Hearing to replace my 9 year old hearing aids I tested aids from 3 other providers. I found John Davis (owner) to be a master of hearing technology and responsive to my questions and needs. To those considering a purchase of aids I recommend this firm with confidence
Marv Kramer
23:44 18 May 18
I have been wearing Siemens aids for 4 years and began to experience problems with the audiologist I was using. I did a Google search for an audi closer to my home and found Sound Advice Hearing Center. After reading that John Davis has extensive knowledge of the Siemens product line, I decided to make an appointment for a consultation with him. I found John to be very friendly and knowledgable. I quickly developed a confidence sitting in his office. Even after wearing aids for 4 years, I still had questions for him. He gave me the time and effort that made me comfortable and fully answered all my questions. I highly recommend his services to anyone who either already wears aids or is thinking about a need for better hearing.
Bill Starita
23:44 18 May 18