I was very pleased with my experience with Angela an her staff. They were always polite an kind to me. Very helpful an caring. Linda was always pleasant an smiles when I went to the office. I would highly recommend them to everyone. Mary Willey
Mary Willey
17:21 10 Sep 21
We were able to get an appointment later the same day. They participated in our insurance. They were thorough and explained everything. The report arrived promptly as well. I would highly recommend.
00:33 01 Aug 21
You hardly find a provider that can squeeze you in last minute, same day, and provide warmth and friendly services with immediate, timely follow up. Jaw dropping moment and refreshing!! Thank you for taking such good care of your patients!!!
Rushka Tcholakova
01:45 24 Jun 21
excellent service at the Glens Falls office.Everyone was so kind and always helping us for the service we wanted.Angela was so professional and helpful. She went above and beyond to make sure we got the right product. We are so happy with the product and will surely let others know. The only problem,we have to travel from Plattsburgh to Glens Falls,but guess if that is the only problem we can handle it. Thank you Angela and her staff for the great results my husband got.
wilfred bushey
23:12 18 May 21
Very professional and very friendly. I would recommend Audiologic Solutions to anyone who suspects or has been told by family that they are having an issue with their hearing. The doctor took the time to explain the test and go over all of the results. I didn’t realize that I had lost as much hearing as I had. When she first put the hearing aids in my ears I could not believe the difference. After a week long trial where I kept a log of my hearing each day the doctor adjusted the hearing aids to the settings I had created during the trial. It is worked out very well. I would be remiss if I did not mention the office staff and reception folks because they truly professional and are just as excited as you are when your appointments go well and your hearing is improved.
18:18 17 May 21
So happy with the care of this office. Tanya at front desk is so caring and thoughtful she goes above and beyond to help their patients. Thank you for all the you do to bring beautiful sounds to someone who could not hear them.
Carol-Jo Pusateri
01:31 10 Apr 21
I had a perfect visit. I was having trouble with one of my hearing aids. I was pretty sure that it was a problem with my hearing aid and not a problem with my hearing. I chatted with the doctor and he listened and figured out the problem. Unbelievably he changed out the bad part and now things are back to normal. It is nice when things go better than you thought possible. Well done and thank you.
Mike Hoffman
20:41 09 Apr 21
I have been with Audiologic Solutions for many years and refer everyone I know to them. The doctors are professional, knowledgeable and truly take the time to ensure your needs are met. They are also personable, which not only makes one comfortable but also feel welcome. The office staff are well-organized and efficient, sometimes knowing what is needed in advance of the request. Personally, I won't go anywhere else.
Lynn McLaughlin
01:30 02 Dec 20