It was Very helpful. I’m glad I went Everyone was super nice and informed!
elgene fial
02:35 01 Feb 22
Jaime and his people at California Hearing Center were friendly, personable, and professional. I felt immediately comfortable upon entering. The receptionist was friendly and instantly likable. I had a lot of questions, and Jaime patiently answered all of them. This audiologist center is my highest recommendation for those who have hearing problems.
Helena Rhynes
05:33 18 Feb 22
I had a great experience at California Hearing Center, and the receptionist was welcoming. Jaime was friendly and informative. He was honest about my hearing needs. Turns out that it just needed wax removal, which he did painlessly during the visit. I highly recommend them.
Martin Nuñez
00:35 18 Feb 22
Jaime Silva, the Audiologist, is excellent. He’s friendly, knowledgeable about the various hearing aids available and what’s coming soon, takes the time to explain them and why they are or are not suitable for your hearing condition and your lifestyle. And when you select your hearing aids he will work with you patiently to adjust them to ensure you’re satisfied with their performance.
Allen Cohen
20:53 14 Feb 22
I have had my hearing aids for several months.., and this was a follow-up visit. The doctor is exceptionally responsive to patient needs and pays attention. The office is super clean and had appropriate privacy is maintained. Although my hearing loss is not severe, things are absolutely better with the aids. You can't go wrong here.
Bryan F.
02:38 14 Feb 22
Top-notch customer service started at the front desk. The hearing aid Consultant was exceptionally knowledgeable, and he really know their products. My hearing loss is significant. I get the best hearing quality with the hearing buds. All in all, I am so delighted at the service I received from California Hearing Center.
Wilma Meritt
02:35 01 Feb 22
Jamie of California Hearing Center performs excellent service. Jamie and his team are very courteous and thorough, professional. I have to say that these are the best hearing tests I've ever had, with the most up-to-date equipment. Thank you.
Emily Hayes
02:35 01 Feb 22
Had a good experience overall. Best to park a couple blocks south on street. A bit pricey parking at their building.
Don Thompson
02:35 01 Feb 22
My hearing aid is not working very well on my drive back into the city a couple of weeks ago. But thanks to my friend who recommend Jered of California Hearing Center. Jered has so many tools, equipment, and programs to help him diagnose the best details of your hearing and what is required to improve it. I highly recommended them.
Lorraine Mills
02:35 01 Feb 22
It was my first visit to California Hearing Center, and I couldn't be happier. The doctor and the staff are cordial and knowledgeable. They took the time to explain in detail each test that was going to take place at my appointment, and they explained the results efficiently.
Trey Sarchet
02:33 23 Dec 21
I was out of town and so lucky to find California Hearing Center to help me. I needed some help cleaning my hearing aids out and getting wax filters. I could not hear anything. He went beyond what I expected, and I greatly appreciated it. My vacation went much better and I could hear my family.
Maybelle Pares
01:34 04 Dec 21
I highly recommend this center. Jaime, Jered and his team were friendly and professional. My sister felt at home as he made her feel comfortable, and he was able to initiate and complete her hearing assessment and treatment. Before that she had never moved forward because she felt sad and pressured.
Lucienne Goolden
02:05 27 Nov 21
My mom has been a patient at California Hearing Center and Valley Hearing Center before that for about ten years. I find them professional, friendly, and able to solve all my mom's hearing issues. I could not recommend them more highly.
Otha Wung
05:35 15 Nov 21
Jered Solow
02:35 01 Feb 22
Marissa Usatin
02:35 01 Feb 22
Larry Parker
05:31 19 Nov 20
Eddie Kantar
18:07 10 Aug 20
Christopher Oliver
02:35 01 Feb 22