I am so thrilled with Dr. Sharp and she is the best audiologist I have ever had!
Doreen Massedore
23:44 18 May 18
Lynn Fernandez
23:44 18 May 18
Had an extremely thorough and informative visit at the hearing center today. Start to finish; all perfect. Easy parking at a beautiful, clean and modern facility. Staff are professional and courteous. I wouldn't think of going elsewhere!
Howard B
17:02 10 Jun 22
Dr. Sharpe is the best! She is caring, very professional, courteous, and quite thorough in her diagnosis. The staff is also friendly and very accommodating. My hearing aids have begun to really help not only my hearing , but also reduce the ringing in my ears. As a new patient, I am so glad that I found them. I highly recommend The Hearing Center at the Eye Consultants of Atlanta in Cumberland.
Dee Perry
21:20 05 Apr 22
I’ve been going to the Hearing Center since 2017 and have been very satisfied with the care and service provided. Dr. Rellinger, my Audiologist, is very pleasant and professional. She utilizes modern technology to assess and track hearing and make programming and equipment adjustments. She is very cost conscious and provides great follow up with providers to ensure her that patients receive the most out of their purchase.
Michael Hewitt
13:11 29 Mar 22
My wife Julia and I have both used Dr. Sharp to test our hearing and teach us how to use our hearing aids. She is knowledgeable, professional, and totally up-to-date on the latest technology. She is practical and meticulous in guiding you through all the aspects of learning to deal with the many complex issues involved in dealing with the latest and best hearing aids. Most importantly though, she is kind, caring, patient and personable. We have referred several friends to her and they all feel the same.
Mac Ryland
14:28 24 Mar 22
Dr. Sharp is the best! Very patient and thorough. Highly recommended.
02:38 17 Mar 22
Dr Rellinger is fantastic. You will know everything you need to know about your hearing condition during your visit and your options for treatment explained without any pressure to go one direction or another.
Patrick Wallace
12:14 25 Feb 22
My wife and I brought my 97 year old mom in for a hearing test and to check out options for replacing her current hearing device. We were very impressed with Dr. Lacey Sharp. She answered all of our questions and we will be back next week for the fitting.
Peter Stahlman
18:05 24 Feb 22
Great visit. Plan to buy new hearing aids.look forward to working with them.
Adrian Fowler
23:44 18 May 18
Going to The Hearing Center was the best decision I made in shopping for Hearing Aids. Great service by friendly professionals. Dr. Erin Rellinger and staff are excellent. The hearing test and evaluation was very through and the recommendation for Hearing Aids was perfect. My hearing now is so much better. Highly recommended.
George Shill
17:41 13 Feb 22
The subject of hearing (and hearing aids!) is complex and very sensitive. I have been to numerous Audiologists in the Atlanta area in the past 10 years—and I was never truly comfortable with the prospect of hearing aids until my appointments with Dr. Sharp in the past couple of months. Her thoroughness, attention-to-detail, professionalism, patience, and obvious care made this an unexpectedly positive experience as I transition into something I never thought I would. I highly recommend this doctor and staff (Aubree) for such a significant part of your life.
Barry Flynn
21:39 28 Jan 22
Lee Patterson
23:44 18 May 18
When I first got my new hearing aids, there was more feedback (squealing) than I had previously had with my old hearing aids. I was worried that Dr. Sharp would not be able to find the right type and size tips to stop the squealing. I soon found that my worries were unjustified - she found the PERFECT fit! She also spent lots of time with me showing me exactly how to insert them so as to eliminate the squealing. I can now truly say that these are the best hearing aids I have ever had, and that Dr. Sharp is the best audiologist I have ever had!
Ralph Canup
15:00 20 Oct 21
Yes, it's unusual. The Hearing Center is at Eye Consultants of Atlanta. Doesn't seem to make sense does it? I'm so glad that I found them. I shopped around for an audiologist that didn't seem like a used car or mattress salesman. There are so many out there. You will find this out for yourself but I can save you some time. These are incredibly knowledgeable doctors (both of them) who care about your hearing health. If this is your first time with hearing aids, you have to understand it is a partnership between you and your doctor. It is not a one-and-done visit or one-size fits all. There are many different kinds of hearing aids and there will be numerous adjustments to optimize your hearing. You have to be dedicated to the process. The sooner you start using them, the better. Your brain has to adjust to a new way of processing sound. I can't imagine what I would do without them. Hearing aids can be eye-poppingly expensive and it's a crime that many insurance plans offer no coverage. That is not the fault of the audiologist. But what price do you place on your health? My personal life would suffer immensely without them. My career would be affected as well. If you want something cheaper, I recommend Costco. They are a fine, entry level product in a big box environment. I started there myself. I am now a patient and fan of the hearing center at Eye Consultants of Atlanta for the service, knowledge and dedication to my hearing health that I've received over the years.
kevin kvicala
16:26 07 Oct 21
Tom Harbin
23:44 18 May 18
I am so pleased that I found Dr. Sharp to take care of my hearing needs. She is knowledgeable, patient, and truly cares about any problem that I might have. After a very thorough hearing test and receiving my hearing aids, she told me to call her if I had any concerns. I went back a couple of times as I was adjusting to them, and she always had time for me. The office staff is friendly and wonderful on the phone. If you are looking for an audiologist, you will not find a better one than Dr. Sharp. She is a joy to work with.
Beverly Koontz
23:39 28 Aug 21
Dr sharpe was always available to see me. She took her time when I saw her and never rushed me out. She is kind and yet professional at all times. I will highly recommend her.
toni gallant
15:24 27 Aug 21
I have been seeing Dr. Rellinger for 3+ years for audiological assessments and hearing aid updates. In our limited, at times, English language we cannot choose a single word to describe down home customer service, superior professionalism, high end quality products, and outstanding front office support. Those of you searching for somewhere to go to address hearing issues, need look no further.
Kevin Schuler
14:05 10 Aug 21
Very thorough hearing evaluation. Options for hearing aids provided. Very pleased with device chosen. Staff is efficient and appointments are always on time.
Charles Perry
14:51 31 Jul 21
Marty Puchala
23:44 18 May 18
Dr. Sharp and the staff are friendly and professional. They care about your experience and improving your hearing. I love my Signia hearing aids with the latest technology and highly recommend The Hearing Center at Eye Consultants of Atlanta.
Patti Heinz
23:44 18 May 18
The session was done with highest professionalism; yet it was an enjoyable experience as well as updated me regarding my current hearing status.
Larry Gess
23:44 18 May 18
Dr. Sharp was knowledgeable, professional and friendly. She answered all of my questions, trained me in the use of my hearing aid and provided technical support and follow-up. The facility is fresh, beautiful and modern. There are many hearing aids in the marketplace, and Dr. Sharp selected the brand and type that was perfect for my lifestyle. She recommended a brand that was discreet, rechargeable on a charger and bluetooth compatible with my iphone. A great investment and experience. I love being able to hear well again. Thank you, Dr. Sharp!
Terri Lax
14:38 17 Jun 21
I am wearing a hearing aid for the first time and have been really nervous about the process and what to expect. I happened to find the Hearing Center from an internet search and spoke to Aubree when I called. She was very helpful, and compassionate when my appointment was scheduled. Aubree has been professional throughout this process. Dr. Sharp consulted with me and recommended a hearing aid for my right ear.I was really impressed with her professionalism yet comfortable with her personality. She was patient and answered my questions which reassured that I would adjust to the hearing aid in time. It took a few adjustments but I am hearing better and loving it! Kayla is an asset to the office and I have enjoyed my brief interactions with her.She has been totally professional and her personality is great for the office.
Thelma Malone
18:42 14 Apr 21
My experience with Dr. Sharpe at the Hearing Center at Eye Consultants of Atlanta changed my outlook about hearing aids. Before I saw Dr. Sharp, I was very reluctant to try hearing aids. Dr. Sharp is terrific and very patient. She explained every step of the testing, fitting, and which hearing aids would be best for me. She answered my questions fully. Her explanations at every step made sure I wasn't surprised or startled at any time. She fully explained my hearing deficit. My experience with Dr. Sharp and the Hearing Center have made my life easier and improved the quality of life especially in this era of people having to wear masks. The hearing aids make it possible to hear the birds outside the house when I get them in in the morning. I actually look forward to inserting the hearing aids when I get up. In addition to Dr. Sharp, the rest of the staff is also excellent and very helpful. I appreciate all they do to help me hear!
Ken and Terri Bryson
22:01 05 Mar 21
Where do I start?! Dr. Lacey Sharp is one of the most caring, patient and thorough audiologists my husband and I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She will sit down with you and really listen to what you want and need. She went the extra miles with us to make sure our insurance would cover certain expenses before we even started a process. Eye Consultants of Atlanta Hearing Clinic have been amazing as well. Aubrey and the front staff are very friendly and helpful. I feel so blessed to have found Dr. Sharp and the staff at Eye Consultants. If you are looking for a great audiologist, Dr. Sharp is the one you want!!
Stacey Todriff
16:53 19 Feb 21
jim mcnatt
23:44 18 May 18
23:44 18 May 18
Thank you Erin, Aubrey and the other Associates at Hearing Center at Eye Consultants of Atlanta. I was hesitant to get hearing aids in spite of knowing I needed them. I have been asked by my wife to please revisit hearing aids. The 20+ year old ?in the canal? gizmos were unpleasant to wear and too much to endure as well as not integrating well with today?s tech they lived in a vinyl case in a drawer. Every few years I would take them out, add batteries, and try. 1-2 hours was the longest I could tolerate the earplug. Making an appointment while I was getting my eyeglasses was pleasantly easy. Showing up, getting a hearing test, listening to the options and seeing the advances was just as easy. Dr Erin Rellinger made it easy. She knew how to explain and inform me of what was going on in a way that worked. So, yeah. FIVE STARS is a given, but appreciating a personal interaction to easing in to acceptance and embracing that I will be using these little devices in my ear every day, and most waking hours goes beyond five stars. Thank you Erin, Aubrey and the other Associates at Hearing Center at Eye Consultants of Atlanta.
23:44 18 May 18
Just received my new hearing aids. Dr. Hampton and Dr. Sharp ( the entire office) are absolutely the most thorough people. After picking up my hearing aids, I was totally briefed and it has been a great experience.
Milton Bell
23:44 18 May 18
Excellent service and very friendly and a lot of help.
Mr. T
23:44 18 May 18
Dr. Erin Rellinger and the staff at The Hearing Center (Cumberland location) A wonderful.audiologist, Dr.Rellinger is caring, she is very responsive to my questions and takes time to be sure all elements of my hearing aids are satisfactory. I can't say enough about Dr. R. and her team. Highly recommend. 5 Start for Sure. Callahan Pope McDonough, LCSW. Atlanta.
I had issues with by wiring with my widex hearing aid. Showed up without an appointment. They took care of me immediately. My wiring was under warranty n they were out of stock but had it sent overnight. Next day they fixed my hearing aid. Thanks!! Friendly Doctor n staff. Thank u
Michael Alan
23:44 18 May 18
My old audiology office closed suddenly and I needed a repair. This office gave me a quIck appointment and helped me with the repair. The staff is friendly and the doctor is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I will be staying here.
Alice Wilson
23:44 18 May 18
Erin is knowledgeable and eager that I had a successful experience with hearing aids.
Doris English
23:44 18 May 18
Excellent service. Very informative and understanding. I highly recommend this office. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. Thank you for a wonderful experience!!!!
Quiana N Whitson
23:44 18 May 18
Dr. Rellinger has been my audiologist for serveral years now. She listens intently to my feedback to her on my hearing aid experiences and we work together to tweak the complex electronic programming that is possible in my aids for optimal use. She is always willing to continue the work until I am satisfied.
Gary Eheman
23:44 18 May 18
Barbara Knott
23:44 18 May 18
Mary Ann Longshore
23:44 18 May 18
Dr. Rellinger is absolutely the best!
Ken Swofford
23:44 18 May 18
My care provider Erin was on time, bright and cheery. She gave my audio response a thorough check-out and repaired what was not up to par. She worked with the manufacturer to sort out a somewhat gray warranty situation and was persistent when they initially could not find the paper trail. It does not get any better than this.
Joseph Tompkins
23:44 18 May 18
The hearing center was able to get me in and address all my concerns regarding my hearing the same day. They ran multiple test and made me feel confident in my results. The staff was very friendly and I I would highly recommend them. The new center is very nice as well.
Sharonda Brown
23:44 18 May 18
Excellent friendly, patient, professional service!
Carol Bruce
23:44 18 May 18